I don’t care about how you look, whether you can touch your toes or balance for hours on one leg.  I won’t move you into the picture perfect position, I want you to notice how each movement and posture makes you feel.  We are all different and experience different things each time.

I do spend most of the time in classes working on the physical movement of the body.  If we are comfortable with our bodies and they move with ease our mental well being improves.  I’m fascinated by how our bodies move and love to explore different ways to move into a posture and how it feels.  Being aware of how we move we develop a deeper understanding of our bodies.

I don’t spend time getting you to do complicated breathing exercises.  I believe it is more important to be aware of what our breath can do for us - to keep the nerves under control, to help us relax, to give us a bit more energy.  As with moving, the more we notice our breathing, the more we learn about ourselves.

I do let you relax - you’ve earned it!  We all need some ‘me time’ these days and often feel guilty about doing nothing.  Give yourself permission to relax, you’ll feel so much better.

“Doing nothing often leads to the very best kind of something”

Winnie the Pooh, Christopher Robin Movie 2018